Why a Blog, why now, why me?

Hi! Im Jessica Mercedes, and my life pretty much revolves around tech startup 24/7. Im a mentor, I work for a venture capital fund, I run a non profit that teaches teenagers how to code and my soon to be husband (not that this is relevant) is a VC. so yeah! the only time in not talking or thinking startups is while im sleeping (and I can debate that)

I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and at 11 my mom got a computer for the house, after this i got very in to creating things, I learnt Swish (A  Flash creation tool), Photoshop and all those “in” tools, this got me into studying Advertising in college and of course, just by having internet I started researching about all this cool stuff outside the country.

I went to College (2003) started working in Advertising (2007) and Did my master (2009), all around Advertising, Marketing and Communications; and that was my life, helping big brands in Dominican Republic get more costumers, sales and exposure. But it didn’t matter what I did or the brands I used to manage… I felt stuck. Looked around me, and I saw older women doing what I was going and the terror of spending all my years without having any impact on the world scared me to the bones. Can you imagine spending more than 5 years in the same position? doing the same thing 24/7? I can’t… I couldn’t. That’s when the first opportunity came I took it.

In 2013 I found the entrepreneurial world, I meet my boss who was a tech entrepreneur and was going to the transition from entrepreneur to investor, he explained  to me all the impact he was having in Latin America and the US by helping tech entrepreneurs to build and grow their startups. Every time he spoke about all this big projects common people like me where doing I felt I was missing that, I needed to take part in that experience. So after a whole weekend negotiating a position I agreed to leave my job, my country, my family and my friends and embark in a new adventure.

In 4 years I’ve Helped companies like Google and Evernote do developers relations in Latin America, Helped Latin American entrepreneurs meet investors in the US, Managed a co-working space [Atomhouse.com], Directed a media outlet for Tech entrepreneurship [pulsosocial.com], Currently Directing a non-profit that teaches teenagers how to code in developing countries [coderise.org], helping NYC and SFO companies build and grow their tech team in Latin America and also mentoring tech startups in developing countries.

So this blog is about all that knowledge that I just can’t (and shouldn’t) keep to myself. hope you enjoy it; also… a share wouldn’t be a bad idea 😉

Managing Director at FirstRock Capital • I teach teenagers how to code in developing nations with Coderise.org • Tech Startup Mentor • Food / Dance / Travel. "Let's make your problems into Startups"
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